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What’s Unique About Uniquely You Orthodontics

At Uniquely You Orthodontics, Dr. Jim has created a culture, which emphasized a basic yet often overlooked premise. We listen. Our ability to understand, adapt and find unique solutions to problems no matter how big or small, truly sets us apart from all other offices. Our team takes pride in being approachable and relatable allowing patients to express their concerns. We want our patients to know that we genuinely care about them and all the challenges they face daily. Our treatment philosophies, our marketing, and our relationships have all been developed from patient insights. We want and truly need our patients, parents and referring doctors to feel comfortable sharing their needs and desires with us because with that knowledge we can develop personalized solutions and better customer service.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in the greater Milwaukee area, Uniquely You Orthodontics has locations in Wauwatosa and Germantown. Both orthodontic offices serve patients from seven years old to adult. We provide Interceptive Treatment for younger children, Comprehensive Treatment and Adult Treatment.

At Uniquely You, our team uses advanced, cutting-edge technology to provide the most efficient and effective orthodontic experience for our patients.

Unique Is Good

Your orthodontic treatment plan, and all that goes into preparing it is as unique as you are. We don’t believe our patients should settle for anything less than a wholly customized plan when it comes to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Here’s how we ensure our patients get the best orthodontic option:

  • Highly Skilled Doctor: Dr. Schmidt is a dual-trained specialist. In addition to having his Certificate of Specialty in Orthodontics, Dr. Schmidt holds a Certificate of Prosthodontics. His many years of experience as a cosmetic dentist enable him to have a unique and well-rounded viewpoint of your treatment plan and the best smile outcome for you.
  • Excellent Team: The teams at the Uniquely You Orthodontics offices are friendly, caring and experienced. Their goal, as they assist Dr. Schmidt in creating your custom designed smile, is to make sure you are comfortable and answer your questions.
  • Proven Technology: We use the most advanced technology available, so our patients always receive the latest in orthodontic treatment options. 3-D imaging provides the best diagnostics. Utilizing technology is a vital first step to mapping out a precise treatment plan.
  • Treatment Convenience: We make it easy to get the treatment you deserve. Our two convenient locations in Germantown and Wauwatosa let you choose an office close to home, school or work. Because your time is precious, we offer extended, flexible hours before and after school. In addition to location and appointment times, we can provide top-notch treatment in fewer visits.
  • Treatment Choices: Dr. Schmidt provides treatment using the orthodontic technique that fits your lifestyle. He utilizes traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces, clear ceramic braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces.
  • Flexible Finances: A free exam, consultation, and smile assessment is just the beginning of how we try to make your orthodontic treatment affordable. Flexible, all-inclusive fees with budget-friendly payment arrangements are part of Dr. Schmidt’s belief that everyone should be able to afford a smile that is beautiful and unique.

When you call to schedule your free smile assessment, we will discuss your orthodontic treatment choices, the timeframe and number of appointments for treatment, and as well as help you research all your options to pay for braces. We want you to experience patient-centered treatment to Enhance Your Smile & Embrace Your Confidence.


You are family here!  Your questions and goals are important to us as we plan and create an effective treatment plan – just for you!


We’ve assembled a superb team of health care professionals to provide the highest level of care during your orthodontic treatment.


We promise to stay on time with your appointments.  Also, we will coordinate outside appointments on your behalf.


Germantown & Wauwatosa Wisconsin

We are creating smiles you love to share!

Our vision of orthodontics

When Dr. Jim opened Uniquely You Orthodontics, he incorporated all the lessons he’s learned in his 12 years of practicing dentistry.  Dr. Jim envisioned creating a fun, worry-free environment where patients can feel empowered to participate in the decision making process.  So whether the patient desires speed, invisibility, or traditional treatment Dr. Jim will create a customized plan that is simple, affordable and convenient.  At Uniquely You Orthodontics we know how precious time is, whether it be time waiting for your appointment or the time spent in braces, therefore we promise to go the extra mile to ensure that all phases of treatment start and finish on time.   With the incorporation of digital technologies like: Itero, Invisalign, AcceleDent, and Suresmile, Dr. Jim has created a state of the art practice that inspires confidence and promotes efficiency.

Dr. Jim also believes in making himself accessible by providing his personal cell phone so that all emergencies and concerns can be addressed immediately. At the end of the day, Dr. Jim is committed to providing orthodontic excellence with fewer trips to the office, less risk of permanent stains or trauma, and less time away from work, school and sports. Seeing beautiful confident smiles leave the office is what it is all about…it is the reason Dr. Jim invests the time and effort to give the very best.  In fact, Dr. Jim will even go one step further and will guarantee that patients will love their smile for life.  If anything shifts out of alignment he will gladly realign the teeth at no additional charge.

At the core of it all, Dr. Jim believes that if he can help others get what they want, he will ultimately be rewarded with what he has longed for all these years…truly loyal and honest interpersonal relationships. 

Saint Norbert College B.S. Chemistry & Biology
Marquette University Doctorate of Dental Surgery
The Ohio State University Certificate of Prosthodontics
SUNY at Buffalo Certificate of Orthodontics


Dr. Jim is one of five orthodontists in the Milwaukee area trained in a technique called Suresmile, which helps to make treatment more comfortable, more effective and more efficient.



Dr. Jim is one of three orthodontists in the State of Wisconsin to hold dual, speciality degrees in prosthodontics and orthodontics.



Dr. Jim is also part of the elite 5% of orthodontists that have completed the Roth-Williams Course on Advanced Excellence in Orthodontics, where a 2-year curriculum teaches the concepts of smile design and functional occlusion.