A Faster Teeth Straightening Method

Many of Dr. Schmidt’s patients are seeking ways to get their braces off faster. The one answer could be AcceleDent Aura. By using this hands-free device 20 minutes a day, you may be able to complement your orthodontic treatment to get results faster.

How Does It Work?

The AcceleDent Aura works by using soft pulse technology to create micro vibrations. Used along with fixed braces or clear aligners, this device is an adjunctive component that can decrease treatment time by up to 50%. The AcceleDent Aura mouthpiece fits around your existing orthodontics. The activator gently vibrates, speeding up tooth movement and bone remodeling.

Is It Safe?

The AcceleDent Aura is available by prescription from your orthodontist. The United States Food and Drug Administration has cleared the device for use under the supervised treatment of an orthodontist. It has been used by thousands of patients worldwide since 2009. AcceleDent patients report less discomfort with their orthodontics compared to patients not using the device.

What Components Make Up the AcceleDent Aura?

The activator is the key piece of the system. It is small and lightweight and includes a USB interface to track history of patient use on the Fast Trac Report. The mouthpiece comfortably snaps on and off the activator for cleaning. A USB extension cable and power adapter conveniently fits into the travel case with the rest of the system.

Is It Easy to Use?

Yes — it’s easy to use because it is convenient and comfortable. Just attach the mouthpiece to the activator and make sure the green LED light is on. After you place it in your mouth, make sure you bite down firmly so there is contact on all sides of the mouthpiece. Let it work continuously for 20 minutes without holding it with your hands.

Try to do this about the same time of the day. After each use, remove the mouthpiece and rinse it or brush it with toothpaste.

How Do I Know If I Am a Candidate for Acceledent?

Dr. Jim will evaluate this option in your customized smile assessment. In general, AcceleDent is an acceptable complementary therapy option for children and adults in orthodontic treatment. Once it is established that your teeth, gums and bone are healthy enough for orthodontics, we can discuss adding this to your treatment. It works with nearly every orthodontic appliance safely.

While most orthodontists do not offer AcceleDent, Uniquely You Orthodontics proudly provides this option to our patients. Call for your free smile assessment today to see how AcceleDent can quickly take your smile to the next level.